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Trouble Shooting

If you have any problems using 'smartlink' Internet Banking please try our frequently asked questions below. If, after reviewing the suggestions below, you still have any problems please email Wide Bay Australia. Please be sure to quote your Reference # found on the login page.

Trouble Shooting – Logging On

Trouble Shooting – Access Code

Trouble Shooting – Accounts & Transactions

Q. Do I need special software for Internet Banking?
A. No, there is no extra software required as Internet Banking works directly from your Internet Browser.

Q. Can more than one client access smartlink from the same computer?
A. Yes, as long as each user has their own client number and access code, there are no restrictions to the number of clients using the same computer.

Q: What do I need to know about bogus websites and email phishing?
A: According to the Australian Crime Commission, there has been a marked increase in fraudulent bank websites that ‘mirror’ genuine bank websites. Wide Bay Australia is aware of recent fraudulent emails targeting a number of financial institutions requesting their clients enter confidential account information (known as email phishing).

In two of the bogus bank site cases, customers were drawn to the false websites by fraudulent email requests to reactivate their accounts by providing their client identification numbers and passwords. The emails either claim or suggest that the request is associated with a security update of the website. The bogus websites attempt to ‘mirror’ the original sites but flaws are identifiable.

Precautions you should take include:

  • Never provide account details and passwords as a result of an unsolicited request. Wide Bay hereby advises all clients that we would never request your personal account details via an email or any other means. Should you receive an email claiming to be from Wide Bay requesting this information, contact us immediately on (07) 4150 4282.
  • Be aware that no reputable online service provider would ask for private account or credit card details by email.
  • Use secure sites - that is web sites with a padlock icon at the bottom of the web browser and starting the address with https://.
  • Ensure you are dealing with the correct site by checking other forms of advertising material.
  • Keep official login sites in a ‘favourites’ or ‘bookmark’ folder to reduce the risk of mistakes or deception.
  • Ensure the website link uses a <.au> domain.

If you encounter fraudulent or possibly fraudulent activity, you should immediately contact us.

If you are concerned that you may have disclosed your login details, Wide Bay recommends you change your smartlink Internet Banking password immediately.

You are able to change your smartlink Internet Banking password online at any time.

For useful information and advice about banking and online scams please refer to the Australian Securities & Investment Commission MoneySmart or Australian Competition & Consumer Commission SCAMwatch websites.

Q. I am having problems accessing the logon screen - what should I do?
A. To help solve this problem delete the temporary internet files. To do this you need to follow these instructions:

  • Internet Explorer 7
    Go to Tools, Internet Options and click the “Delete Files” button and “Clear History” button. This will force a fresh download of the applet.
  • Mozilla FireFox 2.0
    Go to Tools, Options and select the “Advanced” panel, Click on the network tab, In offline storage, click "clear now".

Q: I am having problems getting past the login screen – what should I do?
A: Internet Banking requires cookies to be enabled on your browser. Cookies are used to maintain your security and need to be enabled for internet banking to operate. Check your browser settings to ensure cookies are enabled.

Q. How do I use the Logon Window for Internet Banking
A. The smartlink log on window will prompt you to enter a Client Number and Access Code. Once you have entered your Client Number and Access Code, use the mouse to press “continue”.

Q. Why are the access code letters different each time I log on?
A. The letters are randomly changed as part of smartlink’s security system. Each time you log on it is likely they will be different.

Q. Can I use my mouse to enter my access code when I am logging on to smartlink?
A. No. You have to use the keyboard and type in the letter, which is directly underneath each number of your access code.

Q. My logon is being rejected. What do I do?
A. Ensure you are using your Client Number and Access Code.

Q. I have forgotten my Client Number or Access Code. What should I do?
A. In the event of a forgotten Client Number or Access Code, call our Administration Dept on (07) 4150 4282 who will organise to get you banking online again.

Q. What happens if my Personal Access Code is blocked?
A. If your Personal Access Code is blocked you can call (07) 4150 4282 to organise your Access Code to be unblocked. Nb. You need to have a telephone password for our administration department to assist you in this process.

Q. How secure is smartlink?
A. To actually log on to smartlink, a complex series of coded keys are exchanged which are validated by an external database to ensure your information is as safe as possible. Your log on is encrypted to make it even harder to access. While Wide Bay Australia cannot guarantee total security, we are using the latest security options to ensure no one but you can access your financial details.

Apply for Internet Banking SMS Secure to have the reassurance that funds in your Wide Bay Australia account are not being transferred to a new third party payee without your knowledge.

Find out more about steps you can take to enhance your On-Line Security.

We would like to draw your attention to a warning about Bogus Websites and Email Phishing.

Q. Why don’t some of my accounts appear in my Account Summary screen?
A. You might have more than one client number, you may not have arranged Internet Banking access on a particular account, or you may need to scroll down the list using the arrows on the right hand side of your screen.

Q. Why don’t all accounts have the same options?
A. Some accounts, particularly term investments, have restrictions on transferring funds within their fixed term. For clarification of terms of your accounts, please contact Wide Bay on (07) 4150 4282.

Q. What is the difference between my balance and my available balance?
A. Your available balance is the funds you have not committed elsewhere and are cleared for withdrawal.