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Visa Debit Card

"More freedom...more features"

And a World of Possibilities...

Whether it’s a Hollywood movie at your local cinema...or a holiday to Hollywood...a Wide Bay Australia Visa Debit Card gives you a world of possibilities!

> 24 x 7 access to your own funds* wherever Visa is accepted!

With a Visa Debit Card linked to your Wide Bay Australia Visa Debit Account it’s easy to...

  • withdraw cash at international ATM’s including ATMs where the Visa PLUS logo is displayed
  • withdraw cash and check your balance at Australian ATM’s including our own Australia-wide ATM network#
    press the CREDIT, CHEQUE or SAVINGS button then enter your PIN
  • withdraw cash at Wide Bay Australia branches
    present your card at the counter then enter your PIN when requested
  • pay for goods and services using Australian and overseas EFTPOS wherever the Visa logo is displayed. You will enjoy faster payment for items under $35 with Visa’s ‘Easy Payment transaction service’.
    the CREDIT, CHEQUE or SAVINGS button~ then enter your PIN (except for Visa Easy Payment Service transactions)
  • shop in the comfort of your own home with online, phone or mail order purchases
    Quote your card number, expiry AND card or account name

> More rewarding with Visa!

Experience another side to your Wide Bay Australia Visa Debit Card with Visa Entertainment.

With partners including Ticketek, Disney, Event Cinemas, Village Cinemas, Paramount Pictures, Universal, and BigPond, you can access concert and theatre ticket pre-sales, special movie screenings, member offers and promotions and much more!

Register with Visa Entertainment now for free!

> Enjoy greater peace of mind!

  • Wide Bay Australia is conscious of increasing levels of online and overseas fraud, and has limited the availability of our Visa Debit Card to a separate account, the Visa Debit Account.
  • the comfort of Visa Global Customer Assistance Centre wherever you are in the world
  • advanced ‘chip’ technology helps keep your card secure
  • register with Verified by Visa for safer online purchases.
  • the assurance of Visa’s Zero Liability policy which provides a guarantee from Visa that you will not be held responsible for fraudulent charges to your card^
  • change your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to a number of your own choice by visiting a Wide Bay Australia ATM

Enjoy even more if you press the CREDIT button when making a retail purchase! (instead of CHEQUE or SAVINGS button)~

  • provides Chargeback Rights: the right to claim a refund in connection with a disputed transaction (as per Wide Bay Australia Terms & Conditions (PDF, 255KB))
  • provides Visa’s Zero Liability Protection^

You may also wish to read Visa’s "Quick Guide to Safer Shopping" (PDF, 2.39MB)

Get a Wide Bay Australia Visa Debit Card for
more freedom & more features!

Other cards you may wish to consider

  • if your transacting is limited to Australian ATM’s or EFTPOS at Australian retail outlets, or if you’d like access to your Wide Bay Australia Account using Bank@Post - you should apply for a Wide Bay Australia Cashcard
  • if you are travelling overseas and want a prepaid card that is not linked to your Wide Bay Australia account you can choose a Cash Passport Prepaid Debit Card
  • alternatively you can apply for a credit card. Wide Bay Australia offers a Low Rate or Platinum credit card.


Wide Bay Australia Ltd ABN 40 087 652 060 (AFSL & ACL No: 239686) is the issuer of this non-cash payment facility and the accounts on which it may be used. Fees & charges apply, including a monthly Card Fee. To decide if these products are appropriate for you please carefully read the Terms and Conditions.

Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Pty Ltd.

#The Wide Bay Australia ATM network consists of both ‘Wide Bay' branded ATMs and ‘Westpac' branded ATMs – visit our website for details
*Subject to restrictions on cleared funds being available and any applicable daily withdrawal limits.
~At some merchants, purchases using your Visa Debit card can only be made by pressing the “cheque” or “savings”
^does not apply to ATM transactions and PIN transactions not processed by Visa. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorised use.